Antoon Loomans
Welcome to my Lab

From powder to 3d

Media, materials, colors

I make paintings, collages, photographs as well as landart. In my paintings I prefer natural materials to work with, such as cardboard, canvas, paper, wood or wooden panels, and a wide variety of earthly materials as paints and dyes, ranging from ashes, charcoal, clay, coffee grounds, dust, granite powder, mud, mud paints, kaolien, red wine, rust. spices, and other natural pigments in addition to aquarel, acryl, oil and tar. Some are recycled others new. Black, brown (rust, coffee) and white are my preferred colors, and I combine these with dusty blues and red, sometimes greens and other colors. Starting small, working bigger. Changing ashes and dust into imagination.

Sizes may vary from A5 to A2 with watercolors and other pigments on paper and from A4 tot XXL when using acrylics on paper, canvas or photographs. Size is indicated in cm at each object.