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State of art

Work on the Way 2023

August 20-September 22 our 3rd residency in Henneviken, Sweden, again. At the border of lake Grann, in the midst of forest, wildlife, trees, and total silence: new inspiration for making new work on the spot! Walking, painting, making rockart, landart, road kill bugs... We also opened our Galleri Henneviken  again, showing new and recent mud paints (slamfärg, Falu Rödfärg färg): abstracts combined with acrylic paints, natural pigments on the one hand, circles, forests and mud paint bulls on the other. Some of the rock art panels I made back in 2021, were shown there too.

14 days in Henneviken, Sweden, revisit 2023

February 2023, back in Henneviken (ed) Sweden again. At the border of the frozen lake, inn the midst of snow-capped rocks and trees, and total silence, we walked and worked. The silence inspired us to new ideas, new shapes and forms: my Swedish Match series.

30 days of work in Skälmershult, Sweden 2022

September 2022, I could spend almost 4 weeks in residence in Skälmershult, Blekinge län, Sweden, painting and taking care of cats, dogs, horses and poultry. If you can't wait to see more, check my Instagram account! And in Recent

  • Mud paint Forests in White (50x70 cm)
  • Details of granulating rivulets of mudpaints (Falu red & Falu svart), when still wet
  • Sideburn series in mud paint (Falu red on Falu svart (30x42 cm)
  • Portraits in mud paint (Falu red and svart) (30x 42 cm)