Antoon Loomans
Welcome to my Lab

drawing in Watercolors

Drawing with dyes, solubles in water, aka aquarel, has special features. More than with other dyes you can set an outline, make a plan within a theme, and start working with water soluble dyes or pigments. The result is always a bit different from what is planned, you have to trust what you do, and allow the paint to do its final job, and let yourself be surprised. 

I mostly work in series, on various subjects, e.g. depicting bovines (from cows and bulls, buffaloes and bisons, to wildebeest or gnoes), horses, dogs and insects but also masks, trees and heads. Here some bovine and horse in watercolors and coffee dye are shown, others are on view in my Lab.

Until recently I work with watercolors on A4, A3 and A2 sizes and paperweight varying from 180-300 grams/m2. Currently I started to work in bigger sized, heavy weight paper.