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Workshop Egg-tempera

Last weekend, August 6, I joined a workshop Egg-tempera, at the Vrije Academie in Amsterdam. Egg-tempera is one of the oldest techniques for making paint. By mixing (tempera = to mix) natural  colored mineral pigments with water and water soluble binder, mostly egg yolk. What you get is a fast-drying painting medium which is very long-lasting. To slow down drying and making the medium a bit more flexible we added a few drops of linseed. Its tradition as a painting medium goes back from prehistory until the 15th century, before the oil-based paints took over. Most famous example of tempera on canvas, likely is The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli, made in c. 1486. But in modern art the use of tempera revived, Giorgio de Chirico, Edvard Munch, etc. are a few examples. 

March 26, 2023 - open studio

March 26 my Studio at Zamenhofstraat 110-i was open again for the public, along with 26 fellow artists. It was a busy, cheerful day, with interesting talks, people sharing their views on my art. Always a pleasure to be with people watching art! Great to have so many people visiting and seeing my art. Recent work of mud paint bulls, abstracts and, some of my cardboard collages, i.c., the Golgotha trilogy.

For more event details see Kunst op de Klapstoel, and on close reading

14 days in Henneviken, Sweden, revisit

February 2023, back in Henneviken (ed) Sweden again. At the border of the frozen lake, inn the midst of snow-capped rocks and trees, and total silence, we walked and worked. The silence inspired us to new ideas, new shapes and forms. Some new impressions.

wg kunst, december 2022, Amsterdam

This year I joined WG Kunst 2022 with 4 mudpaints for a special Christmas Sale (Kerst Sale), from Friday December 9, 12:00 till Sunday December 18 at 17:00. 111 artists exposed 111 artworks, and all artworks were for sale for € 111 each. It was a pleasure to join! Some have been sold, others not... 

november 13, 2022, Amsterdam

The Open Studio at Zamenhofstraat 110-I Amsterdam on November 13 was a great event. Most of all because of the many people that came around, watched the artwork and enjoyed this day. I thank all that came to see my Rockart, for their conversations, meeting my artwork, slow looking at my artwork  and suggestions for two take away coffee paintings. I enjoyed it. See for an impression ('titel' and 'zelf doen').

Postcard 2_LoveCouple_antoonloomans_portrait
Postcard 2_LoveCouple_antoonloomans_portrait
Postcard 3_BlueCaveBison_antoonloomans
Postcard 3_BlueCaveBison_antoonloomans
02. Forest mudpaint 2_antoon loomans_3842(1)
02. Forest mudpaint 2_antoon loomans_3842(1)
Postcard 1_TwoBigMen_antoonloomans
Postcard 1_TwoBigMen_antoonloomans

September, 2022, Skälmershult (sweden)

30 days Residence in Skälmershult, Sweden: portraits, whiskers, forests in Swedish mud paint. September 2022, I spent almost 4 weeks in residence in Skälmershult, Blekinge län, Sweden, painting and taking care of cats, dogs, horses and poultry. After our stay in Henneviken (Ed) in summer 2021, this was a second opportunity to work with the colors of the landscapes of Sweden. It showed I had not finished yet: taking up some unfinished works and thoughts and go with the flow. Some examples are shown here! If you can't wait to see more, check my Instagram account!


Mud paint Forests in White (50x70 cm)
Details of granulating rivulets of mudpaints (Falu red & Falu svart), when still wet
Sideburn series in mud paint (Falu red on Falu svart (30x42 cm)
Portraits in mud paint (Falu red and svart) (30x 42 cm)