Antoon Loomans
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The first hour in the New Year, we all looked up for the colorful explosions blasting into the sky. Different, but not less beautiful for those who look down to the ground on New Year's morning, the remains of Chinese rolls and Bengal fire are smoldering in the streets. Ashes, clay and papers scattered in a colorful mosaic across the tarmac, astonishing us with the beauty of decay: earth colors, ash black, burnt grey clay.


  • Fire Works 12_antoonloomans_20240101_7528
  • Fire Works 13_antoonloomans_20240101_7530
  • Fire Works 14_antoonloomans_20240101_7532
  • Fire Works 15_antoonloomans_20240101_7533
  • Fire Works 16_antoonloomans_20240101_7537
  • Fire Works 18_antoonloomans_20240101_7540
  • Fire Works 19_antoonloomans_7458
  • Fire Works 9_antoonloomans_20240101_7500
  • Fire Works 3_antoonloomans_20240101
  • Fire Works 20_antoonloomans_7474
  • Fire Works 1_antoonloomans_20240101
  • Fire Works 4_antoonloomans_20240101
  • Fire Works 2_antoonloomans_20240101
  • Fire Works 7_antoonloomans_20240101_7478
  • Fire Works 8_antoonloomans_20240101_7481