Antoon Loomans
Welcome to my Lab

Walking in circles

When walking in the woods, debris is present all over the forest floor, leaves, cut and broken branches big and small. Since a few decades these are left in our forests to left to be broken down, to decompose and become part of the forest floor again. Sometimes I intervene a bit and shift some of the branches, twigs, leaves and moss, and create a circle and leave it to decompose further.  The circle is like an ouroboros, symbolizing the eternal cyclic renewal, of life, death, and rebirth. Whenever I am around, I take a walk in the woods to make new landart or follow the structures I shaped before, Some circles live short, others last for 4 to 5 years already. Over time I come back and see the changes during the seasons, to follow their decay. The first circle was made in Nieuw Groevendaal (Hexagon Ferns and Pieces) July 16, 2019. Meanwhile I have installed 20 circles and more spread across the Netherlands, and Sweden. Some of them had a short life span and were de-circled by visitors, others have been given the time to break down gradually. Some examples are shown here, see INSTA for a more complete story. I made a small booklet (leporello), showing their fate over time.

Sweden - Henneviken Feb. 2023

Three years later, Feb. 2023, the circles and radiant still were untouched, moss covered the trunks and the wood became soft, nature works.

The Netherlands - Wageningen 2020-2023

Sweden - Henneviken Feb. 2020, Summer 2021

Trunks of birch trees in a spruce forest were cut by the owner, I shifted and rearranged some of them into a circle, a radiant, and left them to become part of the soil floor again.