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Roadkill bugs

Insect life span may vary a lot: from 1 day (one day flies) to more than 12 years (cicadas, most of which, i.e. 11,5 years are spent underground in the larval stage). It is not unusual to find dead insects, in the streets, in gardens, sometimes on a plant or just below. Often males and females die naturally when eggs have been laid. In roadsides, insects can be found that died an unnatural death: flying adults killed by cars passing by during dusk or dawn. Smaller ones are mostly splashed, bigger ones - such as scarab beetles (Scarabidae), horse flies (Tabanidae) and others - bounce off and end at the roadside. Some examples I show here of what I found when walking along the edge of roads. All insects pictured here died either a natural death or as a result of a traffic accident.