Antoon Loomans
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WG Kunst December 2023, Amsterdam

WG Kunst - Amsterdam: December 8-17, 2023, I joined WG Kerst Sale, along with 110+ fellow artists with 6 of my color gnu's. Onsite and in the online shop ....  3 out of 6 color gnu's have been sold, others are still available, here!

WG kunst, December 2022, Amsterdam

 From Friday December 9 till Sunday December 18, I exposed 4 mudpaints at WG Kunst 2022 for a special Christmas Sale (Kerst Sale). 

November 2022 - Open studios Zamenhofstraat 110-i Amsterdam

On November 13, in collaboration with, a selection of my paintings were shown during the open studio's of Zamenhofstraat 110 in Amsterdam. Focus was on the mudpaints of 2021 and 2022, including rockart, forests and watercolors of bulls, horses and wildebeests. Visitors could make their own painting of a wildebeest or what else came up using watercolors and coffee grounds. Two artworks were given away for those that suggested a title for each of them: '.Misty Fall' (Herfstmist) and Moskoe' (Moss-cow).

September 2021 - Gallery Henneviken - Dals-Ed, Sweden, solo exhibition

May 2020 - Kunst op de Klapstoel - Haal Kunst in Huis 3, Amsterdam, Netherlands, group exhibition

During the 1st corona lock-down, when visitors were sparse...

June 2019 - Kunst op de Klapstoel - Haal Kunst in Huis 2,  Amsterdam, Netherlands, group exhibition

March 2019 - Kunst op de Klapstoel - Haal Kunst in Huis 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands, group exhibition