Antoon Loomans
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Two legged Forest

The Netherlands - In part of an Oak Forest in Wageningen (the Netherlands) large numbers of double trunked oak coppice fell on the forest floor, and gradually decay, loosing bark and wood, becoming part of the forest soil. In my pareidolic mind the trunks resemble legs which previously were spread into the sky, and that now take a rest on the forest floor. Since 2019 I follow the effect of the seasons on their decomposition. An atypical example of two legged oak tree covered with white sheets. November 2022 I made a picture leporell0 showing a selection of two-legs and circles, changing over the seasons.  

Sweden 2020 - Birch trees are characteristic for the nordic countries. In spruce forests, birch is one of the pioneer trees that rapidly grow and cover the forest floor. Birch tree undergrowth is regularly felled by foresters to prevent birch taking over spruce tree recovery. The young birch undergrowth is regularly felled and left to decompose. Some of the characteristic forked trees are placed upside down and let these trees walk and move in the dark like trolls. They suddenly can move into the trees too. As there are hardly any visitors walking the woods, besides an occasional moose, almost nobody notices them. An atypical peek during one of the first nights....

Sweden, Feb. 2023 - Three years after, some of the 10 walking birches have fallen or lost a leg, but most are still standing strong. Untouched witnesses of change, in silence in the cold and the snow.

Nature created its own crucifix, Henneviken 2023