Antoon Loomans
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Mud paints

All paint is mud, more clay than dye. The longer you spend searching for the right tone, the more challenging it is to extract color from it.

Water based mudpaints such as Falu red (Falu Rödfärg) and Falu black (Falu Svart) are of the oldest and most widely used paints in Sweden, Norway and Finland for outdoor painting of wooden houses and barns. More recently, other colors, such as Falu Gul, an ochre yellow, are becoming more prevalent in the Swedish landscape. These mudpaints are made from burnt ore waste from copper mines from Falun in central Sweden. They consist of about 20 minerals, such as iron vitriol and iron oxide pigments. Combined with linseed oil, flour and water or turpentine as a solvent they are used for painting wood. However, where people in Sweden use them for outdoor purposes, I use them for making contemporary figurative and abstract artwork on wooden panels and paper to color to be exposed on indoor walls. Prehistory (rock art), landscapes (forests and skies) and tradition (colors) combined into making contemporary art, animals and creating circles, on paper and the forest floor.



Painted Caves