Antoon Loomans
Welcome to my Lab


In some of my scientific experiments, I was testing the theory whether moths that attack fruits and vegetables were able to survive and develop a new generation in the freshly harvested flowers (roses) and fruits (paprika, mango), when they stayed on the fruit bowl or vase and in the green bin. And so part of them did!

After the experiments were over, I left some of the fruits stay and decay as long as they could. At regular intervals I made pictures of the decomposing fruits. When a fruit starts to decay an array of microorganisms develops transforming, decomposing and reshaping the fruit. Colors change from simply red into a palet of molds. Now, when a fruit - whether for instance mango, eggplant, lemon, apple, cucumber - start to decay at home, I do not throw it away, but put it in a safe place to decompose and become my beauty model.

Here part of the pictures I made of a sweet pepper (paprika) decaying process. Available in a limited edition (6 photo prints) + AP